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Make Your Pointe Shoes Last Longer


Pointe shoes are a big investment. Not just cost but how they support and aide in your dancing. A quality pointe shoe is such an imperative part of your dance career so it’s very important to care for them properly. We have put together a list of pointe shoe care tips you can do to protect your investment and extend the life of your shoes.

Store your pointe shoes in a cool, dry place that has a low humidity level.

The best temperature to store pointe shoes is 70-75 degrees F with a humidity level between 60-65%. These important ranges are why most dancewear retailers leave their heating and cooling systems running 24/7 and have dehumidifiers for their stock rooms.

This is another great reason to only purchase from a professional dancewear retailer that is storing the product according to manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the shoes will last the longest amount of time.

Never leave pointe shoes in a vehicle overnight.

The temperatures are too extreme for pointe shoes and the humidity levels are often far too high. Pointe shoes left in vehicles degrade extremely quickly diminishing the quality of the glues within days of improper storage.

Always allow your pointe shoes to air dry for 36 hours in between wears.

In class or rehearsal, the box of your shoe adsorbs a lot of moisture from your feet. If allowed to stay in the shoe, the moisture with prematurely soften the paste of the box. If you dance every day, it is fiscally beneficial to buy two pairs and rotate them. You will get maximum life out of both pairs of pointe shoes if they are allowed to decompress and air out naturally.

Leave your pointe shoes empty.

Never store anything inside of your pointe shoes. Toe pads, spacers, and tights need to be stored in a different location. Anything left inside your shoe will limit the drying out of your shoes.

Give your pointe shoes their own bag.

Do not throw your pointe shoes in the bottom of your dance bag or backpack. Tap shoes, your math book, or even your water bottle can smash or misshape your pointe shoes or damage them beyond repair. A separate pointe shoe bag made with breathable mesh is the best storage for your shoes.

These are just a few tips to extend the life of your pointe shoes! If you follow these they will guarantee a longer life for your important investment!


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