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The Premiere Collection is our hardest working collection of pointe shoes. With heavy paste and high wings, these pointe shoes are made to last. The hard paste and durable shanks allow this collection to be the longest lasting pointe shoes in the dance industry. Combining the high wings with our patented design, Suffolk® handmade pointe shoes guide the foot into proper placement en pointe. When fit correctly, the design of our pointe shoes will prevent the heel from twisting off the shank. The dancer will find that Suffolk® pointe shoes allow for full articulation while stretching all three arches of the foot. Professional pointe shoe fitters love the way the Premiere Collection allows beginner pointe shoe wearers to achieve correct placement over the platform. Intermediate to advanced dancers love how long the Premiere Collection of shoes last before dying because our design discourages the dancer from sitting in the shoe.

The Suffolk® Stellar pointe shoe is the best pointe shoe for dancers that want an elegant line en pointe. The Stellar is from the Premiere Collection and one of the best-selling pointe shoes in the dance industry. The broad platform makes balancing en pointe easy. The toe box is roomy enough to articulate your feet when rolling through demi pointe. The high wings taper just enough for the dancer to feel secure and in proper placement without looking boxy or clunky. Once this handmade pointe shoe breaks in, the box will mold to your feet perfectly, the way no other type of pointe shoe can.

The Suffolk® Solo Prequel is a great choice for dancers with a compressible foot. The heavy paste on the wings holds the foot into proper placement allowing the dancer to feel lifted and supported en pointe. Our patented design assists the dance find proper placement on top of the broad platform. Turning is easier with the stability the Prequel pointe shoe provides. The shoe has the same comfort and specifications of the original Solo.

The Suffolk® Solo is the original offering from Suffolk® and is considered to be one of the best handmade pointe shoes on the market. Mark Suffolk developed the making method used in the production of the Premiere Collection pointe shoes to provide a more consistent result when making traditional stock pointe shoes. The shoe has a medium profile, aligns the foot, and assists the dancer to go en pointe in the proper placement. The wing is comfortable yet supportive, and the strong stable box has a lower vamp in the perfect ‘U’ shape. The elegant line of the shoe and the slight taper of the box allows the shoe to mold perfectly to the dancer’s foot.

The Sovereign is our lowest profile shoe in the Premiere Collection. Suffolk's patented design is used in this shoe to help the dancer achieve proper alignment, while getting over the platform. A beautiful line is created by the Sovereign, and the shoe offers a supportive box, medium vamp, and narrowed heel. The shoe was designed by Mark Suffolk after he was bestowed the honor of M.B.E. by Queen Elizabeth II. The Sovereign was named to acknowledge the occasion. 

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