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The Variation Collection

The Variation Collection is for the dancer that loves the aesthetic of the classic turn pointe shoe but wants the longevity and performance of a pointe shoe with heavy paste and high wings. The collection is handmade with care in England.


The Suffolk® Status™ is one the narrowest pointe shoes and lowest profile pointe shoes on the market. It incorporates Suffolk’s patented design and is made to hug the arch while offering the dancer support and lift, and deters sitting in the shoe. The Status™ puts the dancer in correct placement en pointe and connects the stable platform to the floor. This turn shoe has a medium vamp that is hand cut into the perfect ‘U’ shape. The Status™ has the ability to help all dancers get over the platform, while the insole allows the dancer to fully articulate their feet. This shoe also features our dramatic heel curve for a sleek silhouette that hugs a lower profile.

The Suffolk® Sonnet™ improves a dancer’s line en pointe. The sleek heel eliminates gaping around the ankle in demi pointe. This lower profile turn shoe has a strong toe box and wing. This is coupled with Suffolk’s patented design, which helps the dancer achieve proper placement and stand firmly over the platform. The elegant line of the shoe follows the shape of the modern dancer’s foot and allows them to fully articulate, while also being fully supported. The signature Suffolk® vamp finishes off the line. The Sonnet™ also features our dramatic heel curve for a sleek silhouette that hugs a lower profile foot.

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