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Online Pointe Shoe Consultations

Suffolk® is excited to offer online pointe shoe consultations! Email BOUTIQUE@SUFFOLKDANCE.COM to schedule your FREE online appointment with one of our professional pointe shoe specialists. Please fill out the form below and include the following information in your email to help your fitter find the right shoe for you. 

  • Method of consult: Zoom

  • Please include desired time for an appointment within the times of Monday-Friday 10:30-6:30 Central Time. The last appointment time available will be one hour before the close of business.

  • We will want to see you in your current shoes. Have current pointe shoes and padding at hand for your consultation.

  • Virtual consultations are only meant for dancers currently on pointe. Dancers getting their first pair of pointe shoes will require a fitting in person.

  • If you are able, download and print the shoe chart below to give your fitter and idea of where to start in sizing for your pointe shoes. Start with your length and then find your width. Follow the instructions in the packet for the most accurate results.  

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