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We will announce the opening of the 2023 Select Applications on our Instagram in late Fall 2022.

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Suffolk is honored that thousands of ballerinas around the world wear our pointe shoes and apparel, and we are dedicated to helping each become a better dancer. 

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Suffolk Selects are classically trained pre-pro and professional ballet dancers. They are dedicated to the art of ballet- they have fabulous lines, beautiful feet, and consistently display professionalism, leadership, and artistry in all that they do. 

Suffolk Selects wear Suffolk pointe shoes and model exclusively for Suffolk Dance. They are not just a number. They are a part of the Suffolk family. We appreciate our Select’s dedication to our brand and most importantly the pursuit of their dreams. 


Suffolk Selects are under a one year contract to receive new products and incentives in exchange for influence and representation. These are dancers who have undergone the application process and have been chosen for standing out in a number of criteria.

We believe these Suffolk Selects are a perfect balance of the image and high standards we want to convey in the ballet world. 

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